JOVID Enterprises specializes in providing world class end to end information security services for small to moderate sized companies, utilizing the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework.  The U.S. National Cybersecurity Alliance reports that small to moderate size business cost for cleaning up after an attack ranges from about $700K to over …

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JOVID Enterprises Inc. provides customized security services and solutions.

Information Security Consulting

The first step in our process is to perform a risk assessment, familiarize ourselves with your computing environment, understand your security concerns, business operations, and goals, as well as identify special needs of your business and company.

Once we have an good understanding, we will provide you with a personalized information security plan.

Cloud Migration

Migration to the cloud is a risky business.  You no longer control your own security.  Security is a commodity addressed via contract, are your contracts keeping your data safe?

Cyber Security And Awareness Training for both Senior Staff and Employees

Everyone needs a base knowledge of how to protect the company.  Different management layers are affected differently, and may face different types of attacks.  What do you need to know about cybersecurity, you’re the CEO?  We’ll help develop training specific to your business and environment and train all levels of staff.

Malware / Ransomware / Evilware prevention, detection, and response

Anti-virus implementation and monitoring, system hardening, emergency response.  All these are necessary to protect against and react to threats.

Critical Asset Isolation

For items that cannot be patched against current threats (ie. Legacy systems, unable to reboot), network isolation may be the right answer.

Emergency Response Procedures

Having an emergency response process defined prior to an attack will help save hours and days of critical time to react to a data breach, minimizing the potential loss.

Company IT and Information Security Staff Augmentation

Need an IT or InfoSec department, but don’t know the first thing about it? Let us help you develop, staff, manage the details.  We can do it all from startup to turn over.

Firewall Architecture

One of the most important parts of protecting your environment is hardening the entry point of your company and controlling what comes in and goes out.  Having the firewall architecture configured properly is one of the most important steps in a multi-layered defense-in-depth.

Company Startup Support

Starting your own company? No problem. You have cybersecurity requirements too.  In fact you may be at bigger risk to attack than a large company.  We can do it all from documenting your information technology requirements, to implementing and teaching your staff, to providing staff.

Information Security and Privacy Policies

If you do not currently have a Cyber Security Policy, you are at risk.  Current business expectations and legal requirements requires corporations and individuals, regardless of size or budget, to behave securely and ensure privacy. Customers and vendors want to be assured their data and livelihood is secure and safe.